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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is the ClearPHONE hardware device just a rebranded phone already in the market?

    • No. ClearPHONE is a proprietary design built from the ground up. All cell phone hardware manufacturers use components made all over the world. The engineers at Clear work directly with the various manufacturers to customize the hardware to fit our needs.  This unique process also allows for the tight integration of ClearOS Mobile and it’s ClearGM private network to work together with the phone hardware at the core level of the device.

  • How is the ClearPHONE better than parental control software or apps? 

  • Parental control software tools typically only block certain apps at certain times that you control. Additionally, most parental controls are incredibly easy for any average tech-savvy teenager to circumvent within just a few steps. ClearPHONE allows you to give your kids access to the websites and apps they need while ensuring they can’t access sites with inappropriate content or accidentally click on ads that can lead down risky paths towards inappropriate content.

  • Is Clear United a Network Marketing company?

  • Clear United is a software development and IT security company with over 25 years industry experience. While not considered a typical network marketing or multi-level marketing company, Clear United uses the Private Membership Agreement structure with a decentralized, referral based affiliate marketing system to market their products. Rather than paying an advertising firm to bring their products to market, believes in the power of people to share their experiences with their products.

  • What is a Private Membership Association?

  • Private Membership Associations (PMA's) retain the right to privately contract under the 5th and 14th Amendments establishing binding partnerships for goods and services. Under these circumstances as long as a private membership association has proper documentation they can transact in goods and services that may be regulated by the state and federal government. Private membership associations are still afforded all the rights and freedoms of an American citizen including the right to due process, should state officials make inquiries into their operation and organization.

    Generally, those in a private membership association are not under the jurisdiction of the state, local, and federal governments’ laws and regulations, the exception being, when a private membership associates’ activities present a clear and present danger. 

    CLICK HERE to learn more about creating a free PMA affiliate account with Clear United.

  • Why is ClearPHONE better than ad-blocking software, anti-virus software, or a VPN service?

  • ClearPHONE blocks the whole of the internet by default, then allows only the good parts you want to see.

    ClearPHONE’s protections work out-of-the-box on either a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. A variety of settings allow you to have 100% control over the internet experience you want. You can let ClearPHONE’s artificial intelligence decide for you, choose a level of restrictiveness, or manually allow/block websites, apps, ads, trackers, behavioral profiling, cryptojacking, and more.

    ClearPHONE runs on ClearOS Mobile, the only operating system dedicated to security first. Built on decades worth of military-grade computer and network security experience, ClearOS Mobile’s ClearGM private network service blocks the whole of the internet by default, then allows only the good parts you want to see.

    Only ClearPHONE can provide this level of security and privacy because ClearOS Mobile sends all communication with the internet through ClearOS Mobile’s ClearGM service. ClearOS Mobile is tied to the communications stack on ClearPHONE to ensure all internet traffic can only go through our ClearGM service allowing ClearGM to protect your ClearPHONE when using a cellular connection or on any Wi-Fi.

    ClearGM is NOT a VPN service. ClearGM uses advanced DNS-based firewall controls combined with our own DNS resolver and artificial intelligence to allow or block all outgoing requests from ClearPHONE.

  • Do I need to switch to ClearCellular in order to use the ClearPHONE?  

  • No. You can keep your current provider as long as ClearPHONE is compatible (example: T-Mobile, AT&T, Spark and Rogers are supported currently). 

  • What is the difference between ClearOS and Android operating systems?

  • ClearOS Mobile 10.0.2 is based on a simplified and stripped down version of Android 10.  However, Clear OS Mobile is built from the ground up using a private key that secures your data and gives you total ownership and control.

  • Why is ClearOS Mobile unique compared to other mobile operating systems?

  • ClearOS Mobile is based on a highly modified version of Android and also runs Android apps, but features a number of enhancements geared towards identity, privacy, and security. For example, users are not required to sign into ClearOS Mobile using Google credentials or a centralized authentication service. ClearOS Mobile is unique because it starts by protecting your digital identity. ClearOS Mobile then gives you the power to use the Android apps you love while blocking anything you choose including hacks, viruses, spyware, phishing, malware, ads, cookies, trackers, any app, any website, robocalls, behavior profiling, and backdoors. ClearOS Mobile leverages ClearFoundation’s work over the last decade developing Linux-based ClearOS Server security products for IT departments.

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