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The Original Freedom Phone

STARTING at $499

The FreedomPHONE is the ClearPHONE 220 - a free speech and privacy first securely encrypted smartphone. Powered by Clear United's blockchain encrypted ClearOS, ClearGM (gateway manager) provides ultimate protection against trackers, censorship and geo targeting. All of your favorite apps are available in the ClearAPPS store that will never be censored or blocked. Our unlocked phones work with AT&T, & T-Mobile and other leading domestic and international GSM Networks. Just insert your nano-SIM card, or subscribe to ClearCELLULAR's monthly data plan for an added layer of privacy, security and protection.


Due to overwhelming demand new orders will ship within 1-2 weeks. Order now to secure expedited shipping.

The ClearPHONE X Series

Simply THE Most Secure Smartphone on the Planet.

    • Improved Privacy and Security

    • Sets Up in Minutes

    • Easy to Use

  • The new ClearPHONE X models are built entirely without Google and offer improved security and privacy.

    Protect your identity, data, location and valuable device information from Google and it’s BigTech partnerships.

    Think you can’t live without Google on your Smartphone?

    Think again.

    We have replaced Google’s most popular apps with Clear’s suite of decentralized mobile apps.

    Please be advised that you will not have access to paid apps at this time.

    Brittany Kaiser

    Date Privacy Activist

    ClearOS Mobile is the only phone that allows you to truly own your data and lead a secure digital life.

    Edward Snowden


    Trusted because it's well built, but more importantly, because of how it's built: open source, peer reviewed, and funded entirely by grants and donations.

    Juliann Assange


    Finally a phone that is built with the individual in mind.

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